Cobot integration - connection of machines and sensors via SAP PCo
The integration of shop-floor activities in SAP ERP and S/4HANA is a central element in discrete manufacturing for establishing transparent and efficient production processes. In addition to the process integration based on manual or automated feedback, the connection of machines and sensors is becoming increasingly important.

KANBAN with SAP S/4HANA - Flexible Production Control
To optimize and control the increasingly complex value chains, integrated production and planning systems are essential close to the manufacturing process on the basis of control loops. Kanban scenarios, which are easy to operate by shop floor employees on the basis of intuitive interfaces are frequently used here.

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) in SAP ERP
SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) can be implemented as part of an SAP SCM server installation or as an add-on to SAP ERP. Available SAP APO components and functions include: sales planning, supply network planning, production and detailed scheduling as well as global availability checking.

Advanced Manufacturing - Integration of Shopfloor-Processes in SAP ERP
Advanced Manufacturing provides all the information needed for manufacturing and assembling a product at the workplace. Furthermore, Advanced Manufacturing integrates production activities as well as communicates with machines and sensors.

SAP "tailored plan" add-on – a solution for optimizing resource consumption
With our "tailored plan" add-on, you can combine several different orders and produce them together as one. By consolidating similar or identical orders into a complete order, you can better plan resource consumption and thereby minimize waste.

Machine and production data sent to SAP via web services
Highly flexible new possibilities for integrating directly via web services are emerging by way of enhancements at the production level using the SAP NetWeaver platform. By employing standardized processes, many standard requirements can be completed between the process control level and SAP.

SAP Advanced Production Scheduling rapid-deployment solution
In the IT sector, 70% of projects exceed budget and timeframe and don’t end up meeting targets. SAP rapid-deployment solutions are pre-defined, best-practice scenarios specifically designed for medium-sized customers.


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