Inventory with SAP Interactive Forms
The old manual method of taking inventory is known to use up a lot of time and personnel. By doing inventory using SAP Interactive Forms, the inventory process can be significantly reduced. With SAP Interactive Forms, the inventory count is exported as a PDF instead of recorded on paper. Since quantities are entered into the PDF form interactively, they’re made available on mobile devices such as tablets and notebooks. The completed form is then uploaded in SAP and the quantity counted posted.

SAP ERP Integration with the "simple system" procurement marketplace

Customers using the procurement marketplace "simple system" gain convenient access to a wide range of products and suppliers. Selecting and ordering products on this Internet portal can be done easily and intuitively, making order processing more efficient.

Scanner-supported stock inventory

Performing inventory can be time-consuming. Our SAP inventory solutions support you in every aspect of your inventory work. Scanning is just one way to complete inventory efficiently and transparently.



Supplier declaration using Adobe Interactive Forms
For many companies, the need to provide supplier declarations becomes an all too frequent duty at the end of the year. Most companies deal with this process by mail or fax, which is costly and prone to error. Advanced Applications offers a solution that automates this process in SAP.

Non-ferrous (NF) metals processing in purchasing (MM module)

Purchased materials often contain elements of non-ferrous metals (gold, for example) that are subject to strong fluctuations in value on the commodities exchange. With NF metals processing in SAP, any value fluctuations can be factored into purchase documents right at pricing according to the latest exchange rates.



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