Industrial Processes: Chemicals / Pharma

The SAP solution for industrial processes is designed for businesses that need to meet a high degree of validation, qualification, and compliance requirements.

We base this solution on SAP ERP standard processes and best-practice scenarios, which ensures that industrial processes are handled with a consistent logistical and commercial execution. This enhances flexibility, increases transparency, and enables you to observe all industry-specific compliance requirements by integrating production-related process documentation.


Important challenges to be met in this environment include GAMP 5, FDA compliance, compliance monitoring, and process validation as well as integrated and transparent product development from inception to launch of production and on to product monitoring on the market. All country-specific and international requirements in the fields of chemicals and pharmaceuticals can be mapped using SAP ERP best practice processes.


All the industry-standard business processes, from order processing to formula management to batch-related production and delivery, come already implemented in this solution so that practical procedures can be applied to the system right at project launch. Existing industry process templates form the groundwork for establishing customer-specific procedures based on standard SAP tools.


Our approach affords the user security and ensures that the SAP ERP solution for industrial processes in chemicals and pharma is implemented proficiently as well as operating soundly and efficiently.